2023 Nordic Fest Board

2023 Nordic Fest Board

The Nordic Fest Board is a group of volunteers who love Nordic Fest and look forward to bringing this event to our community and the thousands of visitors who join us each year.

Ariana Cervantes
Email: nordicfestia@gmail.com

Vice President
Christopher Miculinich

Past President
Brian Solberg

Cole Steffen

Arts and Crafts
Chris Hick
Linda Wolfs

Bags Tournament
Andi Hemesath

Beverage Garden
Christopher Fassbender
Gabriel Eide

Decorah City Liaison
Dave Smutzler

Jeni Holtan Grouws
Simon Cropp
Email: nordicfestentertainment@gmail.com

Steve Wilke

Kid’s Activities
Brittany Todd
Jenna Rodriguez

Luren Singers Liaison
Chris Hick

Sarah Brandt

Samantha Spilde

Nordic Dancers
Amy Bruening
Jeni Holtan Grouws

Gabriel Eide

Physical Management
Brian Solberg
Simon Cropp

Social Media Asst.
Brittany Todd

Sons of Norway Liaison
Boyd Wasson

Sporting Events
Nathan Todd
Brian Solberg
Sam Boeke

Vesterheim Liaison
Chivonne Marlow

Administrative support is provided year-round to the Nordic Fest Board by:
Alyssa Ritter, Northeast Iowa RC&D
Jessica Rilling, Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce
Amanda Streeper, Decorah Area Chamber of Commerce